TOP 5 apparel Branding Methods

Clarifying your needs will help us guide you in choosing the most suitable garment and branding solution.  We’ve summarized key features, benefits and considerations to our TOP FIVE branding methods, to aide the selection process.

Consider your marketing intentions (staff uniform, crew/volunteer garments, team wear, promo giveaway etc) and the quantity of garments you have in mind.  Picture your logo, brand or name the way you would like to see it interpreted on desired apparel.  Ask yourself if some fabric types would work better than others for its intended use.  For example do you need moisture wicking 'cool-dry' performance gear, a high percentage of cotton, a corporate color match, a robust cotton twill fabric, hi vis or other?   Would any features like stain-resistance, easy care, pre-shrunk fabric, UV protection be valuable for the use in mind? Add style, comfort preference and budget to your list of considerations.  



Popular applications

Fabric suitability




Adds class, quality, texture, dimension and reflective colour. 

Long lasting, durable throughout the life of the garment.

·   Business shirts

·   Casual shirts

·   Polo shirts

·   Caps, hats, beanies

·   Towels

·   Cooler bags, gear bags


ALL, except delicates like silk and translucent light weight materials

Economical for repeat applications.

Ease of doing short order ‘add ons’.  Fast turnaround possible.



Good for large print impressions on light to dark fabrics.

Opaque layers.

Ideally suited for larger print runs.

·   T shirts, singlets

·   Traditional work shirts

·   Polo shirts

·   Sweatshirts

·   Bags, umbrellas

·  Specialty promo items

Most except loose woven, ‘high pile’ fabrics

Our minimum order for garment screen printing is 15.

Allow 2 weeks from artwork approval.


Works best on light coloured through to mid-tone coloured garments.  High quality ink jet technology straight from your digital artwork file. Great for capturing tonal range in mono and full colour images.

·   T shirts, singlets

·   Bandannas

·   Special events, expos


Suited to high natural fibre content fabrics like 90% + Cotton

Cost effective, low quantity option. Good for short run apparel graphic applications.   


Good for bold, bright coloured graphics. Opaque finish for contrast and high impact.  Works well on dark garments.  Super stretch transfer materials maintain their colour for life of garment.

·  Sports jerseys – numbers, names, sponsors

·  Special events, expos

·  Stage presentations

·  Outdoor promotions


Most except loose woven, ‘high pile’ fabrics

Logo designs with bold clean cut shapes and background panels work best with this method


Full colour digital process, which transfers dye via heat.  Infuses colour to the fabric for a smooth finish. 

·  Multiple sponsors

·  Cycling jerseys

·  Running singlets

·  Club/team polo shirts

·  Custom designs

·  Mouse pads, stubby holders, specialty promo

Highly suited to modern materials such as ‘cool breeze’ polyester and treated.

Customized to your design.

Economical option for multiple-sponsor branding.


Information above provided as a guideline only, courtesy of the EmbroidMe (Aus) Franchisees’ Association, March 2013