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Garment Printing

Our stores have access to the latest in direct to garment printing technology. Gone are the setup charges for screen printing if all you require is a small quantity. We can turn your logo, image or photograph into a printable file that prints straight onto the fabric.

Our inks are all water based as well which means you’ll be doing your part for the environment!

Contact us today and we’ll be happy to show you how you this latest technology works!

Welcome to the future. Through our international relationship with Brother, we have taken delivery of the GT-541 Direct to Garment Print technology.  Our garment printer uses ink jet technology that prints on many garments in high quality colour directly from a computer. We can deliver great print quality, from your digitized print file, and still remain cost-effective.  An ideal branding solution for short-run apparel graphics application, working best on light coloured through to mid-tone coloured garments.

For further information on digital garment printing or any of our branding methods call us 9999 1159 or select the Request a Quote button provided.

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